Harness the intrigue of Hollywood filmmaking and the power of documentary story-telling into a high-converting, sales-focused movie to position you, your brand, and your products light-years above your competition and massively increase your sales and authority-positioning.

Pioneer of the method & Director, Jeremy T. Finlay, first changed the way the market saw sales-documentaries back in 2014 with the launch of the first Warrior Week film.

Since 2013, he's helped companies from all over the world combine the most alluring aspects of cinematic film into brass-tacks direct-response marketing principles - creating a lethal movie-combo guaranteed to win the hearts of your audience and unleash their wallets in the process. Are you ready for your Salesumentary? Apply now. Spots are almost gone in 2020.
You are invited to take the next step, my friend.
Here’s what you need to do right now if you want to work with us before we're all booked up this year:


Book a call with us immediately so we can connect and see if a Salesumentary is the next best step for your business.

We are extremely selective about who we work with... and want to make sure that you are committed to creating world-class results for all of the new clients a Salesumentary will attract to you.

Pick a time above and book your call now.

We DO NOT offer reschedules. Respect your time and respect ours by showing up for the call on time and ready to go.

We are setting aside time to accommodate you, deeply committed to smashing it out of the park for you and your business.

If you cannot make the time, then do not book the call.

These calls are for business leaders who are ready to take the next step. 

That means this call is not for you if you are vaguely considering working with us. You aren't merely looking for more information. 

All of our clients see the value in advance and know that now is the time to do this.

If that's you, then book a call above. And be ready to rock.


And of course, on that note: be ready with your credit card, prepared to invest. 

There is no pressure here, there's simply a supply-and-demand reality we have to stick to:

We work on a bespoke and personalized level with you. 

We'll create a game-changing Salesumentary and funnel and ads and everything you need to debut your documentary and succeed wildly.

And we guarantee that what we create for you will outperform your current control... or we'll tweak it for you until it does.

We commit to the long haul. And that means that we can only work with a handful of people.

We are invested in you and expect you to be ready to invest in us.


Remember: You are a world-builder. 

You’ve taken the first step in owning that. 

And the more you step into that role and take stewardship of it, the more the people you serve will feel it… And the more your perfect prospects––who are already looking for what you offer––will be attracted to you as the leader and beacon of light that you are.

The way you do what you do is bigger and better than what anyone else does.

You know it and I know it.

Now it’s time to SHOW it.

We'll see you on the call.
  • PROVEN OFFER: You already have a unique, proven offer that creates massive value in your market
  • ​TRACK RECORD: You already have testimonials and success stories from happy customers or clients you’ve helped to transform
  • REAL REVENUE: You are already making a fairly consistent 6-7 figures and are ready to rapidly scale to the 8-figure level (and beyond)
  • TRAFFIC-TESTED: You are already having some amount of success with cold traffic (even if you are only breaking even with your current ROAS)
  • ​CAMERA-READY: You aren’t afraid to get on camera and share your passion and mission with the world
  • You don’t have a proven offer, or you’re still creating your product (in other words: if you haven’t already tested and proven that people already want what you sell and are willing to pay for it… this isn’t a good fit for you)
  • ​You don’t have an advertising budget that you are willing to invest in cold traffic channels (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • ​You don’t already have a product-to-audience fit (we’ve all had to dial in our targeting… but if you haven’t yet, this isn’t a good fit for you)
  • ​You are camera-shy, unwilling to share your heart, and spread your message

Ready For The Big Leagues? Book your call now.

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